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THETA heating controller

The THETA series has been developed for the control of heating systems both for new housing construction and retrofitting needs. The controller series consists of different functional variants.

The THETA heating controllers are used to control single- or two-stage heat generators for heating and hot water operation, optionally with up to three heating circuits. Additional versions for multivalent operation (solar and solid fuel) as well as the use as cascade controller in multi-boiler systems are possible. The THETA heating controller can be networked with a maximum of four other THETA devices via a data bus.

The control system of the THETA heating controllers is characterized by logical and ergonomic operation. Large operating keys with clear assignment and a centrally located knob with pushbutton function in dialog with a large-area, high-contrast display contribute significantly to the acceptance of this versatile heating controller. Clearly labeled keys ensure intuitive operation. Quick-select keys allow convenient setting of daytime setpoint and nighttime setpoint temperatures, hot water temperature, operating modes and switching times. The information key provides a quick overview of the current heating situation.

Room station THETA RS

The multifunctional remote control for the THETA heating controller. The room station has an integrated room sensor for recording the room temperature as a control variable for calculating the demand. Due to the identical operation to the THETA heating controller, the highest possible operating comfort is provided. The THETA RS room station enables the operator to communicate with the control system. Room-related parameters such as heating-up and shut-off optimization, room minimum and maximum temperature, etc. can be enabled and changed directly on the room unit.

heatapp! base T2B

heatapp! base T2B enables remote control of the THETA+ heating controller. The connection between heatapp! base T2B and the THETA heating controller is produced via 2-wire bus. Thus the settings will be taken over and can always be reviewed and adjusted via app. The app enables access to the system from anywhere, at any time for you and your installer. heatapp! base T2B is able for remote control of the EbV-THETA regulators by reference room regulation (heatapp! sense-wire necessarily) or outside temperature regulation or optionally with heatapp! gateway for single room control. heatapp! base T2B is compatible with all EbV-THETA regulators version 3.0 or higher.