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  • Check customer requirements, plan concept, check feasibility together with customer
  • Specification creation or dynamic adaptation during the development phase
  • Basic calculation of product costs
  • Implement concept approach as modular system for easy expandability


  • Circuit diagram design according to current standards and EMC directives
  • Circuit simulations for partial areas
  • Design optimizations for production (cost-benefit)
  • 3D layout development in combination with the housing design
  • 3D printing of the housing design
  • Support of the housing design with consideration of installation and operation


  • Holistic reusable system design with modern architecture and operating philosophy
  • Preferably use of SW modules from our sustainable library
  • Specific customer applications and adaptations of the standard
  • Creation of concept and functional specifications based on the requirements specifications
  • Communication solutions for fieldbus or proprietary systems, Internet + Cloud
  • Implementation of communication interfaces
  • Recourse to proven technologies (drivers, stacks, ...)
  • Use of modern operating systems and programming languages
  • System communication via known protocols or proprietary interfaces

Tasks accompanying development

  • Sustainable documentation of the development details
  • Review phases even for basic functions
  • Accompanying FMEA
  • Creation of test cases and execution of application tests
  • Supporting audits at the customer site with bug tracking tools
  • Creation of the process flow chart
  • Test system development with transparent testability
  • EMC pre-tests during development
  • Support and cooperation with accredited laboratories
  • Support