THETA heating controller

The THETA control system is characterised by logical and ergonomic operation. Large operating keys with clear allocation and a centrally arranged rotary knob with touch function in the dialog, with a large, high-contrast display, significantly contribute to the acceptance of this series of versatile controllers. Clearly labelled keys without double functions ensure intuitive operation.

The following performance features characterise the THETA:

  • Plain text lettering in 16 European languages
  • Version THETA WP with supplemental functions for operation in heat pumps

Theta Norm persp
The THETA device series is designed to activate one-stage or two-stage heat generators for heating and hot water operation, with either one or two mixer heating circuits. Additional versions for multivalent operation (solar and solid fuel) and use as a cascade controller in multi-boiler systems are possible.  Can be networked via data bus with a maximum of four other THETA standard devices.

Room station THETA RS

Heizungsregelung Raumstation – THETA RS - Fernbedienung The multi-function remote control unit for the THETA. This compact and intelligent terminal enables bi-directional communication between operator and control system.

Room sensor THETA RFF

Room sensor for room temperature monitoring, including potentiometer for remote adjustment. Mode selector switch with the settings automatic, continuous day operation and continuous lowered.

heatapp! base T2B

heatapp! base T2B enables remote control of the THETA+ heating controller. The connection between heatapp! base T2B and the THETA heating controller is produced via 2-wire bus. Thus the settings will be taken over  and can always be reviewed and adjusted via app. The app enables access to the system from anywhere, at any time for you and your installer.  heatapp! base T2B is able for remote control of the EbV-THETA regulators by reference room regulation (heatapp! sense-wire necessarily) or outside temperature regulation or optionally with heatapp! gateway for single room control. heatapp! base T2B is compatible with all EbV-THETA regulators version 3.0 or higher.

heatapp! App heatapp! base Heizungsregler – THETA – für bis zu 3 Heizkreisen und Warmwasser