heatapp! single-room control

The heatapp! system is the newest innovation in the area of heating control. heatapp! supplements every heating system with radio-based, single-room regulation that enables the user to control the temperature individually for each room. Convenient operation from anywhere with smartphone or tablet via app. The possibility of direct connection to the heat source via appropriate interfaces is available as an option.

heatapp! start floor_webEinzelraumregelung per App - heatapp! drive
heatapp! supports radiators and underfloor heating. Interfacing with any heating source is possible, e.g. gas, oil, solid fuel or a heat pump. All heatapp! components communicate via radio protocol and WLAN/LAN so it is easy to install.

heatapp! Einzelraumregelung Kommunikation

The heatapp! security concept was developed together with the Institute for Internet Security. All data, including user names and passwords, are stored securely and exclusively on the heatapp! base.

Possible uses of heatapp!:
Privat houses; rental apartments; new and old buildings; holiday homes; public buildings like schools, playschools, town halls; churches; offices; medical practices

heatapp! App

heatapp! App

When configured, the heatapp! single-room control controls the heating automatically. The app enables access to the system from anywhere, at any time. Settings of the system can always be reviewed and adjusted.


  • change the comfort temperature of rooms
  • name the rooms and add photos
  • configure switching times for every room
  • manage users and define rights
  • regulation of hot water (by connection to the heat source)
  • current weather data
  • Live View with current system information

Learn more about the product or become a partner at: www.heatapp.de

Also available as an OEM product.


heatapp! single-room control for every heating

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