CETA heating controller

The CETA device series has been developed for control of heating systems and solar heating systems in new residential construction and for retrofitting needs. The product line consists of different function variants.

The CETA series currently consists of five basic models: Ceta 100, Ceta 101, Ceta 103, Ceta 104 and Ceta 106. For detailed information see the documents in the Download Area.

Ceta Heizungsregler

With CETA, simple standard systems can be easily controlled, however more sophisticated applications can also be implemented via the combination of multiple CETA modules. On request, with the CETA RC room station a convenient remote control unit is available for precise stabilisation of room temperature. It is connected to the appropriate heating circuit on the controller via a two-wire data bus.

The elegant design of the controller and the clearly laid out programming through four-key operation positively complete the appearance of the particular CETA module.
CETA is designed for easy mounting on the wall. Alternatively the housing floor is designed for mounting on a 35 mm DIN rail. This installation option is particularly well-suited for combining multiple devices next to each other or for installation in the control cabinet.

Modular extension

Thanks to the integrated data bus, multiple control devices can be combined. With the integrated data bus, in the retrofit market additional heating circuits or system functions can be installed at a later point in time.

Room station CETA RC

Raumstation CETA-RC Remote control unit for the CETA. This comfortable terminal enables accurate room temperature adjustment. The indication on the display is identical like the indication of the CETA controller.